Mandisa Duperval maintained a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Bridgeport in 2009 with a double degree in Psychology and Human Services. Her background as a teacher’s aide fueled her passion to help others. After graduating the following year she made a decision to never have to work for anyone ever again. She quit her job as a teacher’s aide and followed her entrepreneurial spirit and blossomed in the cosmetic industry. She soon found that her true love was making women feel beautiful, whether it was a follow up call or a photo shoot.

Mandisa Duperval services clients of a larger scale such as fashion shows, wedding parties, film udproductions, etc. Since Sweet Dreams Beauty was founded, it has appeared in magazines, company campaigns, commercials, various fashion shows, and has work with a number of high profile clients such as Celillia Remirez- Harris,  Torrie sHart, Lori Ann Marchese America, Renée Bhagwandeen, just to name a few.



Looking to inspire women to be their very best, and look their very best while doing it. ``Sweet Dreams Beauty`` knows that a picture is worth a thousand words; so we want those words to be all positive.  We cater to clients of all different aspects of life, from models to stay at him moms.  Beauty starts from the inside out, we just help you capture it.



"Mandisa, is such a great makeup artist. My makeup was flawless throughout my wedding. I looked amazing, I got so much compliment from everybody at my wedding. Sweetdreams make up is the best, I was dreaming on my wedding day!!! Thank you Mandisa!" ~Gladys Odame

"Mandisa is one of the Most phenomenal make-up artists i have ever had the pleasure working with. As a Photographer it is extremely important to have a MUA who not only knows what they are doing but is also accommodating and personable. After my first photoshoot with Mandisa of Sweet Dream Make Up, she left such a positive and satisfying impression, As a result, I refer her to all of my Brides to be and Models." ~Rodney Dabney of Final Look Studio

"I have worked with MUA Mandisa Duperval on more than one occasion and each time she has done an outstanding job!!" ~Rhonda Hurst, Master Hair Stylist

Mandisa went beyond and above her duties as a makeup artist. She was so friendly and ontop of everything. Surely had her A-game. I even hired her again for another wedding. Great job!  ~Troyè Jacobs

"Mandisa Duperval is a Make-Up Artist that is confident in her ability, and cultured in her craft. She has the ability to take her knowledge and expertise and apply it with an adroitness that aids in vivifying each captured image. Simply put, she never ceases to amaze!" ~ DaVinity CEO NonFiction Photography

"Working with Mandisa was a great experience! She has the skill and the equipment that it takes to be an amazing make-up artist. We shot with three models and even when a fourth one jumped in, every girl got her make-up done perfectly. Mandisa didn't rush and still had all of them ready for the shoot in no time. As a photographer, I appreciate good make-up especially when it comes to retouching. I could see what a great job Mandisa did even up to close. It'd be my pleasure to work with her again!" ~Silke Schlotz, Silke Photography